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...but not really. I'm not taking one of my full time net-cations but I am on the down low. I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading books, and working on my notes trying to get a feasible outline together for one of my projects. (And the rest of daily life of course).

Also intend to finish Verge of Something Wonderful in the FAKE fandom, it's getting top writing priority because it should have been finished and I don't like loose ends out there, I hate when online writers leave things unfinished so I shouldn't do it myself. (I've already said this in another post, this is the reminder, I worked on it some the last few days and have more work yet to do.)

I'm in a mood for fall and winter to be here already and to have hot cups of tea, chocolate chip cookies and a mind full of stories and characters. Christmas in July in a manner of speaking (the parts I like anyways).

If I miss anything important going on I apologize in advance. Checking in about once a day or so on my social networking (which feels far too much like work some days) and you can reach me via all those channels but I suspect the world will turn just fine without me.
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Finish my fanfiction from 2010 that I have mostly abandoned for two years despite many pleas from fans to please, please finish it.

Verge of Something Wonderful

Fandom: FAKE, by Sanami Matoh
Pairing: Randy "Ryo" Maclean and Dee Laytner, NYC Detectives
Ratings: Mature

Anyone is welcome to read it, standard disclaimers apply, I don not own the characters and I make no profit (nor would I wish too). Male/male love themes. The series it is based on is also a male/male love story. If that is not your cup of tea, then don't drink from it.

Taking guilt tactics on this one. Maybe if I put it here, with a link, instead of just mentioning it now and again I will feel guilt that it is sitting out there, unfinished, likely having lost all its readers. (Guilt, guilt, guilt, Heather, for shame, you hate it when people leave something unfinished that you are reading. How could you. You have an obligation.)

I have to finish this, because I haven't finished it every time I sit down to write my own original fiction it eats at me that it's out there, unfinished and that I am a bad writer for doing that.

(Please feel free to guilt me in the comment section even if you haven't the slightest intention of ever reading it. I need to start being responsible in my own life and it all matters, even the things other people find unworthy.)


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