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I posted this over a year ago & it still holds true.

I did not write this, a friend did, giving me a stern talking to regarding my bad habit of being too nice for my own good and putting up with things, people, when I ought not to. Where I am just suppressing tons of harmful toxic sludge poisoning my psyche and possibly health by doing so. I love what she had to say and I'm fully intending to apply it to me, myself and I. Your mileage may vary.

YOU ARE NOT A UNICORN. You are not any sort of unique shit filter for mankind, nor are you under any obligation to impersonate one. Yeah, it's true, the modern world might be influencing us to bubble wrap ourselves and avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable influences and infringements upon our space. But that is NOT AN ENTIRELY NEGATIVE IMPULSE. There is no prize for putting up with people you find repellent, people who consistently raise your blood pressure, people who give you ulcers. You are obliged to show charitable, ethical behavior, not indulgent behavior. Political difference is not a small thing -- it is morality, ethics, and world view. You are allowed to choose to seek to spend your limited time on this earth with people whose morality and ethics match yours.

It is one thing to be legitimately challenged to examine yourself. It is another thing to be annoyed and repulsed and scandalized and taken lightly. You are not obligated to do the second.

Sometimes even very nice people are not people it is healthy for you to devote your time to. This need not be a flaw in anyone -- sometimes people are not compatible and THAT IS OK.


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