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I'm having a cup of tea and a piece of pie plus a half that I should not be eating. I didn't make seven days on the Things That Do Not Suck Challenge but you know, I see it ongoing on others pages, people who don't even know the person who originated it, that is rather spectacular isn't it?

I need to find a way to be less stressed. I suspect I'm doing myself so much harm, some permanent and life shortening, by my continued and onward struggle with stress. Two pieces of the problem revolve around the facts that working makes me incredibly stressed but not having enough money to make ends meet makes me incredibly stressed as well, half a dozen of one, six of the other. Clearly I'm doing things wrong. I've been dwelling on it for a few years now and I do have some insight into my own, perhaps a few other people's behaviors.

If you don't know who I was you might not know how it plays into the now. While this entry is for me I guess I'm having what others term as a woo woo moment, where I think someone else needs to see my journey because they have something to glean from it, though I don't know who or what. First things first, I'm not a person who deals well with artificial stress.

If you don't know what artificial stress is it is the things in modern life and our culture that consumes us and self perpetuates stress. How do I keep the cable on, the cell phone on, how do I make that credit card payment, and how will I get the funds to pay both the mortgage and the medical bills. It is the worry and upset that parents face when they have to decide if they can afford to get their kids the kinds of clothes they won't get picked on for when they start back to school. All of it is mind numbing and soul sucking and you will get horrendously bad advice on it if you seek out help. If you have received bad advice on this you likely know you have because it involved people dismissing or rationalizing what was upsetting you. Sometimes we all need that swift kick in the pants when we are whining to much but I've always suspected it has been overused. We like to wax nostalgic and preach about appreciating what we have and not whether are children are in brand name clothes but at the end of the day your kid is still going to get bullied if he/she is dressed shabbily and you are still going to feel horrible about as the parent who isn't able to keep that from happening. In some instances though it's the parent who overdresses their kid who blindly sends them off to school not realizing that they are sending them into a personal hell of being picked on for being a snob. Life isn't about keeping up with the joneses, it's more like being on a free way and trying to match your speed and vehicle class to the majority of the people around you. Most people are trying to hit this stride where they are neither to much nor to little and it all depends on what is around you.

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I don't often go into things where I feel compelled to write something like this because of a spiritual nudge but I just have the most overwhelming feeling that someone within my reach of communication is feeling very down and is being very hard on themselves right now. As if they believe they are a failure because they aren't living up to someone else's myth of the way life is and how they are suppose to be. I don't know who you are (LOL, or even if you are, I could be having a senior moment at 36). Anyways..


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