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Posting this for a friend. It is a total knock off recipe. Not meant to be an example of "Real Cooking" or whatever. This is my take of a recipe my sister makes with Velveeta. It's meant to be a fast, warm meal and not say, a full blown Tetrazzini.

If you know how to make your own white sauce, poach your own chicken, and so forth, you can classy it up if you want, I've done it both ways.

Chicken Stove Top Tetrazzini

Pound of Egg Noodles, I use Wide or Extra Wide
Large can of Chicken, or two small ones.
One can of cream of mushroom soup (or cream of chicken).
One can of Chicken broth.
Two cups of your favorite cheese, I use the Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese. (DO NOT GET TACO BLEND. It's not the same thing.)
One small to medium size onion (I use yellow)
Couple cloves of garlic or two teaspoons of the pre minced (I use two heaping tablespoons but that's because my house really likes garlic)

I saute the garlic onion (geez.. and I bet everyone still read it the right way) and the chicken with a pinch of salt, pepper and usually cayenne and garlic towards end.
I warm up the chicken broth and the cream of mushroom soup together.

Have your noodles boiling while you do this.

When the noodles are ready and everything is warm it's just a matter of mixing it all in a big pot or bowl with your cheese and until the cheese melts. *Voila* Done


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