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These were written on my Neo.

April 28, 2009
Letters to the World,

The sunshine, the wind, the sound of the waves and the call of the waterbirds. It's a recipe for peace and balm to sour souls. Walking here I passed trees newly in leaf with tiny song birds darting between sun coated limbs and an empty lot with newly mowed grass. It's hard not to smile in such circumstances.

So I stopped at an ice cream shop and had a hotdog and waffle cone for lunch and watched the wind blowing spring through Front Street and down on Harbor Walk. Now I sit on a bench being kissed by sun and tousled by the wind.

I have to go back soon to a windowless world of paper and pretense. I know to treasure the few moments of real life and let them melt into me below the skin. Days can be long and endless when there is no sun, no moon, no wind.

The sound of water pooling and lapping at wood pilings and boats sides can get into your mind and quietly override anxieties and worry. Quietly pull you back into you and away from all the things that take you away from yourself and lay claim to your attention.

It's too easy to let go and so hard to go back.


May 4, 2009

The clouds are settling in and a wind is stirring the branches of trees and spring flowers, dropped leaves and the dusty remains of the trees pollen are scuttling about over the concrete of the side walk. It is a magical time to be sure, the moments when light is trapped beneath the clouds and even with the sounds of cars, boats, and wind there is an underlying stillness that lets you know mother nature is taking a paused breath.

I should be home on my porch on such days or at least have the decency to be sitting in a cafe proper with a good cup of tea waiting to toast the first drops. I confess to a love of life as deep and as abiding the sea. I think that love is why I feel the starvation of this modern hurried life so desperately and keenly in my mind and bones. I nearly can't bear letting these moments of life slip by while I toil behind closed doors moving pieces of paper that are not the fantastic tales that trip and dance through my mind. It's a feverish love and one I willingly let in the door.

I'll take the silver of moon, the verve of green stalks, and all the colors of the flowers every day, any day, over toiling for money. Were a prince or princess come to sweep me off my feet and ask what they may lay at my feet I would only be able to say time, give me time to watch the clouds form and the rain fall, to see the sun rise and descend, to watch trees dance, and water ripple. All I want in life goes back to these things, birds singing, achingly blue skies, the romanticism of grey clouds, the sound of feet making their way over leaves and stirring the scent of the earth beneath their crush.

Time is all I want, time to drink and be intoxicated by all that surrounds me as it rises and declines and rises again. It's a ruinous shame that the price of time is hard barter and hardly won.



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