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Strange Sea Creatures

I need to work out how to add Strange Sea Creatures to the song A Few Of My Favorite Things.

Just sayin...

^______^ Enjoy
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I saw it on [ profile] xandri's journal and I had to share.

My "glee" and "squealing laughter" meters are both full now.
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I appreciate the person who made this fun little jaunt through The Sentinel. Since I'm sure I'm a minority on my way out of bounds love for the TV series, this orange segment is likely mostly for me.

I do feel badly though for everyone who was deprived of watching this series when it was on the air, you'll still be deprived because after a decade they've still only released season one on DVD.

*Pats you comfortingly and offers to share my beaten up, starting to degrade VHS tapes with you.*

Whelp, don't know about the rest of you but I'm certainly in a perkier, better mood. Moving On.
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The Making of Donuts Action, The Nissan Juke Commercial.


Brett Erlich the orange segment of the night.
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Two orange segments today because we could all use them.

10 Most Theoretically Delicious Sweets
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Today's orange segment comes to you via the Japanese who have once again managed to tickle my fancy. Enjoy.

How the Japanese Protect Donuts From Bumps and Homer Simpson
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Please be patient through the Chinese intro, it is worth it. Thank you.

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Thai music and performance. The journal I stumbled across this on says it is in a style referred to as molam. It's very beautiful and I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.

Much love and have a lovely day.


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