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Working on getting back to essay writing but I'm not quite there yet, same on finishing up old fanfiction (my daughter likes to chew me about that and she should, leaving a story unfinished for two years is bad form). I've done some work (hand written) on my novels but confess that all of June was a complete wipe out for me. Finishing fanfic will be good practice for other none fannish writing projects.

Sailor Moon has new animation coming out in 2013. I'm interested. I'd like to see how it goes and if it will be the beginning of a wave of updated animes from the 90's. Now that would peek my interest quite a bit more if it were to happen. Right at the moment I'm watching a few of my favorite animes because I do things by moods and this was the right mood for me.

I can't remember the last time I played a video game. As [personal profile] tsubaki_ny says, phases. I feel badly though. I have games. Games I really, really wanted, even if I did wait to buy them used and depreciated. And then...nothing. Phases, indeed.

I have a ton of books to read. A lot of which I bought on clearance and then promptly used as a decoration instead of reading. Says a lot about the last five years of my life that I haven't been reading or playing video games. Phases are one thing, depressed is another, huh?

I have baked brownies. I have dinner cooking in the crockpot. I am staring at the laundry and will hopefully convince myself to fold it. Perhaps. Maybe. It's possible.

I have found and loved on my Neo by Alphasmart. I have a slightly older model than the one she reviews but I can attest to how much I love it as a writing tool.

I'm doing all right. Peddling Oranges as it were, enjoying the small things. Right now I'm enjoying the second cup of a mint and green tea blend. My husband found it at Big Lots, a box of hundred for 4.50, organic with unbleached bags, and delicious. My husband doesn't drink tea and even he commented that they smell fantastic.

Not doing a lot of deep, meaningful thinking about life today. Just enjoying the day, enjoying that physically I am having a good day, and trying to decide between writing and reading.

Much love.


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