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Little projects are easier for me to type up. As previously indicated, I am journaling again. Full tilt. What this means for you. Well, one, I'm going to be all over your friends feed unless you remove me from view. I'm posting not just to journal but to keep things in order and to give me structure. It's also to get me back in the habit of expressing myself through fluently using words. It also means I'm going to make an attempt to communicate more with each of you through your own journals.

This one is hazy, the internet for me is a lot like food. I need to be writing and journaling for my own mental and emotional health but I also need to learn where to draw the line and not spend an entire day on the internet. The lines get blurred and a lot of times I can sail past, "healthy and good for you" and directly into "you are gorging yourself on empty calories, stop it."

Many people have mentioned how much they miss LJ in it's hey day. As a good friend said on her own journal a while back, if we want that to change than we have to do something to make it change. Post more here and less on FB and don't just read but comment.

The like button has given us an easy way to acknowledge that we read something and appreciated it but I think LJ/DW takes more effort to really work.

I'll try to make it work.


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