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I believe this all of the episode that John Barrowman was on, I had to download the player from to be able to get all of it but it was free and you will need it to play it from here. Part of it is on YouTube but the BBC has blocked other parts of it, but I may have not dug deep enough and I encourage others to search for themselves.

I am attempting to download this from Veoh, as it gives me the opportunity to do so, I cannot vouch if this was successful or not at this time but if I have a problem with it I'll give a heads up.

I've tried to research and see if there is any known issues with Veoh. I couldn't find any but always safe guard yourself on the net and if any of you know of any existing problems please let me know.

Otherwise please enjoy and I hope this gets to the people who wanted to see all of this and not just the small part I had up the other day.

I am still in the beginning parts and so far it has made me laughed, made me very sad, and mostly I really, really want to just give John a hug for being so damn courageous to do this even when you could see he was eaten up by nerves and worry.


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