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"She who is in Charge of Tea and Oranges and also Watching the Rain"

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“Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.” —Dale Carnegie

"It's a shame to be caught up in something that doesn't make you absolutely tremble with joy." ~ Julia Child

The wanderings and musings of a Ladye. (Who by the way is not present or accounted for in any of my icons, not one.

apocalypticbob wrote this for me:
Dec. 7th, 2010
A new verse, just for you.
Oranges and hot tea and cute strange sea creatures
Friends with a hug and a smile on their features
Sunshine and porches and butterfly wings
These are a few of my favorite things.

"She who is in Charge of Tea and Oranges and also Watching the Rain"archanglrobriel

Ladye, you have a rather interesting way of looking at the world. You simultaneously try to reconcile looking at the world from outside yourself without your own bias, looking at the world from inside yourself with your bias and looking at the world from from inside someone else and through their bias. You continue to walk the path to wisdom, each step a struggle and a blessing in its own right. You struggle with your compassion but cannot bear to be without it. Many people walk their paths and end at where you have only begun in self-exploration. But you are often far too hard on yourself.eiblyn

The Lady of Positive Citrustsubaki_ny

The story of Oranges

The story of Oranges

On my journal you will see references to oranges a lot, as in the fruit, but on my journal it refers to the small joys in life that make life worth living. When I originally started this journal a dear friend of mine used to read it and I would be sure to leave him an orange whenever I thought of it. Orange being a very specific word to just the two of us but as you can see it has grown. Here is the story of how oranges came to mean joy and why my journal is dedicated to them.

Many years ago I met a young man, someone I dubbed Wolf, who was rather shall we say antisocial and pessimistic. He was the Wolf because he would stand in the treelines of life and circle life's fire but would not come to it. I remained friends with him because he threw down a gauntlet that I, like everyone before me, would run from him, grow tired of him, become angry with him, and eventually leave him.

I refuted this and stated repeatedly I would not be going anywhere, that he would leave me first. So..for a long time he was alone and bitter and cold. During his personal winter we talked for hours upon hours.

One day..he wanted to know why I was happy. What right did I have to be happy?

I was poor, I was overweight. My son had all these problems.

And yet there I sat happy.

So I told him about how I had the most wonderful navel orange for lunch that day. It was fat and round, gold as could be, liquid sun bursting in my mouth and so perfect to peel. I told him that this is what happiness will always be. It will always be when you find the joy in the small and revel in it. And that happiness could be shared, just like the orange, by breaking away a segment of it and giving it to someone else, that happiness was meant to be shared.

I could have worried about being poor, fat, and what ever else ailed me. But I choose to love the moment I'm in and in that moment I was consumed with how truly, ecstatically, gleefully happy that orange had made me.

Ever since that day he would come online and ask me what oranges I brought him, what joys did I have to share? And I would tell him of my children telling bad jokes badly and Jame's infamous inprov performances. I told him of Jasmine singing. I told him of teas and wines. I would tell him of rum and sleep. I told him about the glorious sun, the wind, I told him of the rain. I told him that the proper use of flour past its prime is to let your children play with it in the kitchen with copious amounts of water. I told him all sorts of small joys.

I brought all of me, all of my pleasures, all of my joy to our talks. And gave him my oranges. He was the wolf but I became the Peddler, a peddler of oranges.

And that is how the oranges came about and why I try to share them to this day. I hope you share your own oranges because the more we share them, the more they grow.

Much love, Ladye, Peddler of Oranges

And She who is in Charge of Tea and Oranges and also Watching the Rain.
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