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Long time since I've seen that particular word mash up used. *Smiles* I have a lot of really fantastic memories tied to that word. Moving along, I've pulled some interesting articles from CNN GO to share and I recommend clicking around but mind the comments section (one of the great over reaching rules of the internet, yeah? There is always an unpleasant person in the comments section.)

Mostly Japanese this go round, a dash of South Korean, and all the other lovely links each article will lead you too. ^______^

Freaky and Fantastical Dolls, Seoul Doll Fair 2011 Some are Ball Jointed Dolls which I am a fan.

Coolest Manga Pictures You'll Ever See which is a bit stretching I believe but this is still a fantastic photography art project. (Definitely avoid comments, unless you are fond of people who use the word 'Meh' and like to proclaim what is and what isn't news.)

The Cooling Off of the Japanese Anime Boom I found this to be a bit sad and glum. It's a few years old though and perhaps the situation isn't as bad off as it seems. I'm all for a revival myself.

The Best Ten Places To Experience Tokyo In Peace Several of these look like perfectly lovely adventures to go and have.

And if you are going to have an adventure, you're going to want to eat at some point, Forty Tokyo Foods We Can't Live Without


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