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Is anyone hungry? Because I am. So many scrumptious things, so little time.

Ultimate Guide to Chinese Dumplings

I have kid-in-a-candy-store eyes for these. So pretty and lovely. I'm absolutely sure they will go well with either my green tea with mint or my oolong tea with lavender.

Now if only I knew how to properly cook any of them I could make them for myself and have a fantastic dinner party with all my favorite people, which of course means I'd have to invite all of you.


Date: 2012-07-26 02:37 pm (UTC)
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I leave you alone for five minutes, and you come up with this delicious find! I must admit that well-made hakkaw (har kaw) and siomai (shao mai) are the first things I dive for at the local Chinese tea houses. *grin*

What you need for the siomai to work is a bamboo steamer, metal isn't quite the same. Did you say you didn't like cilantro; pity that, it adds oomph to the dumpling. On the other hand, you can omit the cilantro and just dunk the finished product in chili oil. That will oomph anyone to the max. *nods* Hubby swears by it, I'm not brave enough. Kikkoman soy sauce mixed with lime or lemon juice (heck try both) will do me just fine.

Now I have not only made us both hungry, I have a yearning to meet you in Hong Kong for some food tripping.



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