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(Short vacation, huh? Just joking. I'm just passing through and was doing my daily skim through of social networks, but one of you said something I felt was really important on a locked entry and I thought it was such a good point I expanded it with my own thoughts on the matter. And now I'm going away again. Much love and take care.)

Let's just take a minute here to be human on a basic level. I read a really good entry by a friend that is locked. She made a good point. The cost of living has risen in extreme measures while wages have stagnated. There is a group of people in this world that instead of grasping the enormity of the situation spend all there time saying things that make them feel justified for being, basically (when stripped down), petty. If you are one of those people you should stop. How to know if you are one of those people? Check and see if your internet comments are about how everyone else needs to learn to live with less, the apt quote I saw, eat hotdogs and hamburger instead of steak and shrimp. If you are that person? You are saying those comments to thousands of people who are eating beans with one hotdog cut up in it so they can stretch out the protein with the other 7 or 9 in the pack for other substandard dinners and you are the problem. You are petty, you are more concerned with your self than taking a long, hard look around at everyone else that is suffering with you and beside you. And you primarily say the things you do so that you have someone to conveniently blame and having doled out that blame, feel better. And you should stop. You are not alone in the suffering nearly all the of the population in America right now is suffering on some level. Only the very top isn't finding themselves wondering where the prosperity we all felt we could have went. You could lock arms with the rest of us who are sharing tips, real tips, on how to survive the sinking of the Titanic or you can sit in your lifeboat and complain some more about how all those other people who are in the same "boat" as you are obviously to blame. Pro-tip: If you comment that you work hard and you just don't want someone who doesn't deserve it to see a dime of your tax money you did not understand the message I just wrote. Cheaters cheat, that's what they do. The world is not made of them, America is not made up of them, and regardless of what you want, they are still going to cheat. It's their nature. The people you are really hurting with your attitude (and votes) are people just like you who just want to make it one more day, feed their kids one more day, survive a devastating set back one more day and somehow scrabble back out of the bleakness and despair they fell into. They want to be productive, healthy, people that give back to the others and while you are complaining they are helping each other one faint finger and toe grip at a time up a mountain. You can be better than this because I don't believe you are bad people either. I believe you are scared people and that fear has turned to anger and anger needs a scapegoat. Let it go. You can walk in the light. It's a choice.

Date: 2012-07-19 12:08 am (UTC)
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*squish* well written thoughts, an orange to my day.

Was reading an article about Iceland the other day. It seems when the citizens discovered that their economy tanked, and how banking shenanigans led to the disaster? These peaceable people went up and stoned their Parliament House in outrage.

So the government, after disciplining the rowdies, (because, really, public disorder and all) promptly went after the bad bankers. The worst offenders are now in jail, awaiting due process, if not serving sentences already. Housing loans above a certain level were dismissed, allowing people to keep their homes while trying to make a living. Banks were told that they were to stop their shenanigans or be closed - no bailouts, the government just took over management to make sure controls were implemented. Everyone bit the bullet.

Draconian, maybe. But after the people changed their government in orderly elections, reports now say Iceland's economy grew and continues to grow. Nothing spectacular, but it is growing. Which is more than can be said for other countries right now.

Sometimes success is measured in small steps and small things, yes?

Date: 2012-07-18 11:08 pm (UTC)
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Well said!

Date: 2012-07-19 12:51 am (UTC)
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Thank you, and the same to you as well.


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