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Jul. 8th, 2012 03:20 pm
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FAKE, by Sanami Matoh, is a Boy Love manga. The boys though are actually full grown men who are cops, so consider it heads up that this has a homosexual theme. There is one OVA from the series. The art for the manga and anime are common for that time. The author was doing a new series for FAKE, with a new art format, very modern but unfortunately it seems to be on hiatus. (I have a very sad for this as it makes me very unhappy.) I own the original mangas and the OVA. (And the VHS tape because it's that old at the time I bought it there wasn't a DVD out.)

It is my all time favorite anime/manga. Kind of like comfort food I guess. It may not be the most ground breaking or the fanciest but sure is comforting to snuggle up with the mangas on my couch with a good cup of tea. I'm posting this for amethyst_hunter(LJ) because I like to share and I hope it makes her happy.

Wikipedia entry for FAKE in case people would like information.

A very nice person posted the entire OVA to YouTube. I've made it a playlist. Please watch and enjoy. Warnings: Dee kisses Ryo.(<-----They are lovely together. Sadly the OVA tends to make Ryo look a bit soft and uke, the manga is more equal, Ryo's a badass sniper. Dee is a badass brawler. They look lovely in the mangas as well.) Minor cursing, some violence, murder mystery.

FAKE OVA, English Subtitles
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