Nov. 5th, 2014

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It's that time of year again folks, Heather's Christmas Card Drive will be commencing in the next few weeks.

This year though I'm toying with a new idea. Feedback appreciated. On an average year I send out around 60 Christmas or Holiday Cards. That's a lot of postage and right now I'm currently only working 2 days a week.

What if I "crowdsourced"? Would anyone be interested in donating a 1.00 or less to a postage fund maybe through paypal? The more I can pull together the more I can mail out and if people have a request of whom they would like to receive a card I'm happy to do that as well. Either from you or from me, kids love receiving their own Christmas Cards addressed to them as do people who have become rather shut in.

Many people love receiving real mail, especially during Christmas, and I love sending it. I have lots of cards. And I never ask, demand, or push for people to send me a card in return (although, absolutely feel free to do so, I love getting mail). So if I can sort the postage out I can deliver a great deal of cheer this year.

Regardless, I'll start purchasing postage on my next day payday. If you would like a card please message me your email address or email me at (For Dreamwidth and LJ users comments will be screened if you would like to put your address there.)

If you would like an additional card sent to someone else please make sure to give me that information as well.

I'll put up reminders as I remember so if you want a card this won't be the only post, no worries. I just like to start early so I have plenty of time to get it done in.



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