Jul. 17th, 2012

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...but not really. I'm not taking one of my full time net-cations but I am on the down low. I'm watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading books, and working on my notes trying to get a feasible outline together for one of my projects. (And the rest of daily life of course).

Also intend to finish Verge of Something Wonderful in the FAKE fandom, it's getting top writing priority because it should have been finished and I don't like loose ends out there, I hate when online writers leave things unfinished so I shouldn't do it myself. (I've already said this in another post, this is the reminder, I worked on it some the last few days and have more work yet to do.)

I'm in a mood for fall and winter to be here already and to have hot cups of tea, chocolate chip cookies and a mind full of stories and characters. Christmas in July in a manner of speaking (the parts I like anyways).

If I miss anything important going on I apologize in advance. Checking in about once a day or so on my social networking (which feels far too much like work some days) and you can reach me via all those channels but I suspect the world will turn just fine without me.


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