Jun. 16th, 2012

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I was awake at 3:30 this morning. At 4:30 I took a shower. At 5:20am, I left a note taped to the TV and got in my car and left. I was on the beach shortly after the park opened at 6:00am and I stayed my happy self there until nearly 10:00am.

Then I fed myself brunch, by myself, and ate all of my own food. (My kids know I don't eat as much as them and frequently not full meals so they are usually hovering.)

I went to the dollar store and touched EVERYTHING, some things I touched twice, as I meandered up and down the isles. No one asked me for anything and I thought that was quite nice.

Then I stopped to get gas, then I found a little tiny thrift store and found a treasure, a cream and sugar set that are made to look like shells. They are tiny. I will take a picture. I paid a 1.25 for them. They make me happy and have no real purpose in existence other than they made me happy.

Found a few clothes items for Jazz for .25cents a piece for her trip. For those who do not know my baby is taking her first big trip away from home. She is taking her first airplane ride tomorrow to Texas and will will be there for three weeks with Cassie, her best friend. (The one whose mother was in a wreck.) It's Cassie's father's summer visitation and he invited Jazz to come along. So while I ran away today because I needed too and the kid's were asleep anyway, come tomorrow I will be a soggy mess of tears, because I'm like that.

I feel good. I have walked on the beach. I watched the sun come up on the drive there. I walked Atalaya Castle, which is the best dollar you will ever spend. Also, if you come with me and you use my year pass, you can get in free. There was a group there at the beach doing some sort of religious service, everyone was dressed in white and there was singing. I stayed back from them to give them privacy but it was lovely. I also took an hour out to sit and read on one of the park benches in the sun.

I feel darn near human.


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