May. 31st, 2012

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Copied from what I posted to [personal profile] ar_wahan. I am very, very tired. I stayed up all night with Midge and just got in from the vet's at 10:47am. Possibly more later, email later.

Loves everyone.

And Paste:

We just got back from the vet's. Midge is a very sick baby, he has an abscess (possibly more than one) in his mouth and is down to five pounds and was dehydrated. They gave him fluids, an antibiotic shot, some type of medicine that will stimulate his appetite and sent me home with pain killers for him.

When I was bundling him up this morning his cheeks were bloated so when I got to the vet's I had already decided that if it wasn't his sinuses than he had had a tooth gone bad.

He may still have a urinary or kidney infection.

Once the antibiotics work will have to have dental work done. I don't believe he saw a bad tooth straight out. He mentioned that it may be a tooth growing into the sinuses? I'm not familiar with that on cats. All of that is on standby until his weight is back up and the antibiotic has done its job.
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MIdge collapsed and threw up blood and water. Please pray. Please, please, please, please pray. Jeff's in a dead heat to get to an emergency vet and hour and half away.
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Midge made it.

The abscess in his mouth apparently burst, hence all the blood and liquid.

The convulsions and collapse are being attributed to either or both, pain and shock, and a reaction to his pain medication. So we've been told not to give him anymore.

I have to keep an eye on him and make sure he stays hydrated and eats. He's already had the antibiotic to treat the abscess.

And we go on.

(I'll breathe easy when everyone is home safe, I worry about the roads, but I'm considering having a nice collapse myself and sleeping.)


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