May. 28th, 2012

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Finish my fanfiction from 2010 that I have mostly abandoned for two years despite many pleas from fans to please, please finish it.

Verge of Something Wonderful

Fandom: FAKE, by Sanami Matoh
Pairing: Randy "Ryo" Maclean and Dee Laytner, NYC Detectives
Ratings: Mature

Anyone is welcome to read it, standard disclaimers apply, I don not own the characters and I make no profit (nor would I wish too). Male/male love themes. The series it is based on is also a male/male love story. If that is not your cup of tea, then don't drink from it.

Taking guilt tactics on this one. Maybe if I put it here, with a link, instead of just mentioning it now and again I will feel guilt that it is sitting out there, unfinished, likely having lost all its readers. (Guilt, guilt, guilt, Heather, for shame, you hate it when people leave something unfinished that you are reading. How could you. You have an obligation.)

I have to finish this, because I haven't finished it every time I sit down to write my own original fiction it eats at me that it's out there, unfinished and that I am a bad writer for doing that.

(Please feel free to guilt me in the comment section even if you haven't the slightest intention of ever reading it. I need to start being responsible in my own life and it all matters, even the things other people find unworthy.)
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This one is going to be a tricky thing to do and is going to involve money that I will have to find and even then there is a possibility that it won't work. I've mentioned before (endlessly, often, repeatedly, angrily, frustratedly) that I'm partially deaf and have problems discerning between tones.

I need to get my hearing checked & then see what a hearing aid will and won't do for me.

I am also a flute player, who can no longer tune my flute. So while I can bang out notes and I can tell by the feeling of the flute in my hand that I have a pure tone.. I can pretty much only discern things as being either low or high pitched.

I also had to pawn my flute years ago, along with my keyboards and my guitar, and have since lost a lot of the ability to read music, however, I'm confident I can pick it back up again. Thanks to [personal profile] ar_wahan & her daughter I have a flute and I really, really want to be able to play it properly.

Additional expense: Flute taken in for maintenance, new pads and so forth.

(This would be a good time to probably announce that I'm journaling again? Sorry for the bombing)
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Little projects are easier for me to type up. As previously indicated, I am journaling again. Full tilt. What this means for you. Well, one, I'm going to be all over your friends feed unless you remove me from view. I'm posting not just to journal but to keep things in order and to give me structure. It's also to get me back in the habit of expressing myself through fluently using words. It also means I'm going to make an attempt to communicate more with each of you through your own journals.

This one is hazy, the internet for me is a lot like food. I need to be writing and journaling for my own mental and emotional health but I also need to learn where to draw the line and not spend an entire day on the internet. The lines get blurred and a lot of times I can sail past, "healthy and good for you" and directly into "you are gorging yourself on empty calories, stop it."

Many people have mentioned how much they miss LJ in it's hey day. As a good friend said on her own journal a while back, if we want that to change than we have to do something to make it change. Post more here and less on FB and don't just read but comment.

The like button has given us an easy way to acknowledge that we read something and appreciated it but I think LJ/DW takes more effort to really work.

I'll try to make it work.
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A storm is moving in, my windchimes are chiming, birds are chirping and my laptop is playing native american flute music. *Sinks into a peaceful, easy feeling.*

I've taken a dare without realizing how big of a dare it will be. It's going to be a big dare. My friend Wolf and I were discussing writing and coding. (I write and he codes.) Somehow we drifted into discussing Fifty Shades of Grey and other fanfic writers who have gone on to publish original works, sometimes by taking what started out as a fanfiction and giving it a face lift.

We went back and forth on it for a while and he finally dared me to rewrite my very first fanfiction (Flowing Through, Petshop of Horrors Fandom) and I said, "You're on."

Issue one, the main character is very specific to this series. To rewrite him is going to mean a gut job and rework so that the story still works but he isn't a copy of someone else is work. I know there is this big divisive line, fanfiction right or wrong, and I've stated my opinion numerous times. If you want to know where the lines is for me, it's right there. Nothing I write that could possibly ever be published or for profit will have a character or specific methodology that belongs to someone else.

It also means I need to create and entire environment and intro for the story. Which is fine but takes time and will decide how the rest of the flow of the story will go. That's the one thing you can skip with fanfiction, you don't have to really introduce the characters or the environment. (You can if you want to mind you but it's not always needed.) Your readers find you and they know who they are reading about for the most part.

This story has a lot of supernatural elements and I played them out against the main character and family. I'll have to rework all of that.

But on the other hand, Flowing Through was cut short because at the time I was writing it my grandparents became ill and were dying. I had a lot of stress at the time and while I did finish it I did so by giving it an epilogue. Leaving it choppy. I've had request for years to add to it or do a sequel. If I rewrite it I will certainly expand the ending, I'll have to. Now whether or not the original fans will want to read it after it's been re-worked, I can't say.

I think it'll be a good exercise if nothing else. There is a difference in tone (usually, every writer is different) between fanfiction and original. Some of these writers who made the leap you can still see the inflection in there work. I'm going to try and fix that.

*Swings legs* It should be noted that I have not read and have no interest in reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I do wish the writer well though and cheer her success, good for her.


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