May. 25th, 2012

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Little Kitten Update, well we think it's a girl. She has a strong appetite and ate a lot of food. She's pretty healthy to my untrained eye. The leg I am confused on. She either drags it as a dead weight or tries to walk on it but she's bending her paw completely over, walking on the top of her foot instead of the pad. I checked her foot carefully her pads are not injured in anyway. She has at least one lump on her leg. I could find no evidence of her having been bit or wounded. The lump feels like bone, so I'm thinking maybe somehow her leg broke and reset wrong? Or possibly the leg bone is deformed? She does not seem to be in pain, this has me worried, we gently handled her leg and foot, not only did she allow it but other than stretching that leg a few times when she was on her back she doesn't seem to do much with it. I'm concerned that we are looking at nerve damage because I would think it would hurt to have that lump in it or to try and stand on it with her paw bent over. Trying decide do I go to the cheaper vet for a checkup or do I need to take her to actual hospital that kept Midge alive in 2009. I'm out of my league here.


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