Apr. 18th, 2012

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Something I want to say, something to think on. This quote: "I'm a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally," the rock star complained to Loesch. Said by Ted Nugent about his political comments. Very White Person who is not black, Jewish, or a target for Nazi's or the KKK.

This is inappropriate, not just about politics, but ever. You do not appropriate other people and cultures hardships to use to complain about your very First World Problems. Remove the politics from it and look at it for the statement that it is. I know it's a hard concept for some people but this really is a form of racism. Racism and bigotry aren't just burning crosses in front yards and it's not the only kind that hurts or does damage. A person being critical of your opinion is absolutely nothing like the absolute horror of what the Nazis did or what the KKK has done. And you aren't just like two ethnic groups that have been discriminated against for hundreds of years because you spoke your mind and now have consequences for doing so. His freedom of speech is intact and protected but that protection doesn't spread to 'and no one shall dare criticize you or argue with your opinion.' You can say what you like and people can say what they want in return, the protection of freedom of speech doesn't end with you.

Internalized, casual, invisible racism, bigotry and misogyny exist and they are dangerous because whenever someone is called out for it people immediately try to act as though the other person is just overreacting. No, we aren't. As long as it's okay for boys and men to insult each other by saying they "hit/act/cry like a girl" than it will be okay to continue to believe that girls and women are less than men and that being one is undesirable. It will still be acceptable to demean LGBT for as long as it's okay to accuse someone of doing something "that's so gay". So forth and so on.

Appropriating other people, such as Native Americans as mascots for sports teams despite the fact that many of them find it offensive, is just as wrong. His statement falls under appropriation. You don't trivialize serious harms by using them as an example of how very put upon you are and you damn sure shouldn't do it if you aren't a member of said group. It's really very insulting

Usually I'm up for discussion but if you are going to argue with me about this, and that is your right, please take it to my private messages. If you don't, I'm afraid I will have to delete your comment, not because you don't have the right to say it but because I don't know any person who is truly a bigot, a racist, or a misogynist and I don't want any of you to accidentally give yourself that reputation. And you will. Please just think on what I'm saying. It could be a lot better world if we all could empathize and see through another's eyes.


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