Mar. 10th, 2012

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I have been very bad at journaling and even worse at reading and responding to others LJ's, DW's and what not.

I really should be on a netcation at the moment but I'm not.

I have been to see my doctor, the visit was good, they did one test for diabetes, not the one you fast for but another one and I came in well within normal on that one. I really need to call back and have a fasting one done. This one came back with the number 135 which was normal for someone who had eaten breakfast, or so I'm told. The thing is, I remember drinking tea that morning that had honey in it, I cannot specifically remember eating anything though. I may have, I may not have, I don't always remember to eat. (This happens a lot more than I let on about because it's a bit unnerving that I do that in the first place.)

I was put back on all my meds. So I'm going through med adjustments on top of some sort of virus I picked up. I can be a tad cranky. Or a whole lot asleep. I pretty much slept for three days at one point. Waking up in short stints and then going right back to sleep. Which was, for the record, blissful.

For awhile there LJ was having problems and I couldn't get it to load and sometimes couldn't get it to let me post a comment. Which is the other reason I haven't really been around.

I have a lot on my mind, I haven't decided whether I want to take up this here on LJ or just keep it to myself.

Time will crawl and will tell.


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