Mar. 7th, 2012

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Everyone on both sides needs to cut out the language, not just about women but about gays, ethnicity, and level of attractiveness. All of America needs to quit. For a civilized country we all act like tweens and almost exclusively take potshots at others on a sexualized level. Rush is just the more than deserving person who finally went one step to far and I, for one, am thrilled to see so many people up in arms about it. If you want to silence or shame a woman you call her a whore, if you want to silence or shame a man you call him a faggot, if neither works, you attack how attractive they are? Is it a fat cow or an anorexic bitch? Is he fat, bald, pasty bag of meat or is he a limp wristed Mama's boy?

So I'm all for the outrage, I'm all for people like Rush getting shut down and may he be a lesson to everyone that this behavior is not to be tolerated.

The reason why Rush was one step too far is because the right has gone too far and the words aren't just vehement name calling. The words are tied to actual legislation that is actively out to harm and shame women and that's why it matters more. He wasn't just being ugly, he was trying to use the stigma attached to being called a slut to break this woman down and every woman that would come after her that doesn't want to have her health decisions made for her by religious conservatives in office.

But imagine a world where none of us used sexual slurs to try and get our way, imagine the world that could be.

Shares article on this.

Conservative Sluts Have It Sooo Much Worse Than Liberal Sluts, Says Conservative Non-Slut

And for what it's worth? Michelle Malkin has said many a vile and nasty thing herself. So while I don't think anyone from the left should say such ugly things about her, I don't exactly feel bad for her either.


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