Jan. 31st, 2012

Time Suck

Jan. 31st, 2012 09:14 am
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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I hate that I have to go to so many places to catch up with all my friends. It makes the internet a huge time suck and it's driving me a little batty because the more I read, the more I find to read, and the more I find to read, the more I share whether people really want to be shared with or not.

I have to go to Twitter for this person, Tumblr for that person, Live Journal for this dying handful of persons, Dreamwidth for those of us who've had it with the rubbish on LJ, and Facebook for just about everybody else and sometimes because like me what we post on one site is not what we post on the other.

I'm bad at time management, always have been, I get sucked in and look up and wonder if that swooshing sound was the entire day being sucked into a giant void of sitting on my ass clicking links.

And usually, yes it is.

But I don't want to lose out on my friends either. I just can't seem to constantly manage the divide.

This makes me highly irritated with myself and the internet as a whole.
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Discussion if anyone wants to discuss. The thing about how women are portrayed in media and the ongoing fight to have real women of all shapes represented and less sexist portrayals. I wonder if anyone else has thoughts that what is happening is that while we are slowly gaining ground we have also started to see the reverse happening with men? But it could be, I'm just noticing it and it's always been that way? The males on commercials that are suppose to be "average" husbands (unless they are selling something to do with virility, be it arousal or how much grey hair they have) is someone slightly out of shape and a good bit dimwitted? But if they selling say suits, underwear, trucks, cologne, super masculine man comes to foreground. And as far as I can tell only men with huge jaws and bobble heads ever need to shave? Maybe the media is screwing all of us up. Course while women are being told to eat yogurt to stay thin there are the Axe body commercials that find the most painfully thin men they can to have women throw themselves at. Media is a such a weird, weird thing.
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I'm twitchy today. I am going to lose a front tooth, on the bottom. It hurts a lot, along with slowly going black. When I get to a place where I can apply for office jobs again it's really going to effing hurt my chances. A LOT. Which btw, and in a perfectly casual tone of voice, is why "minimal safety nets" when it comes to any type of health care are not only lacking in compassion they are short sighted as hell. Why people believe that employers don't consider your poor health, your bad teeth when NOT hiring you is beyond me but they apparently do. If we want to do "minimal safety nets" it should be preventive care which is direly lacking. Just saying.

It should also be noted when dealing with me, if no one remembers from the root canal fiasco, teeth/mouth pain and I are not friends. Heads up, I'll be flicking back and forth in moods as I try to deal with this without dental care. If I snap you at you or seem bitchy, I apologize, it's probably my mouth (<--- Haha, I posted this on FB for realizing how it sounds, but yes, my mouth as in the agonizing pain in it and not the um, you know natural sarcasm I sometimes exude) & it's just seeped through everything.
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And it's not the women done as pinups this time.

Beefcake Heroes': Joe Phillips Brings Gay Superheroes Out Of The Closet (PHOTOS)

I'm voting Spidey as all around best, your mileage may vary.


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