Jan. 24th, 2012

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Because owning up to and being responsible for our collective past is apparently too hard and hurts their feelings. What they are doing is not appropriate and it is dangerous.

As on Facebook, so on here (LJ/DW), filters will be made but this is too important for a filter.(Repost the rest from FB)

I will be filtering political things to a special filter set up for that reason, if you DO NOT want to see political post let me know and you won't. Having said that, this is too important to not post, this is beyond whose left and right. These people are dangerous, to all of us, to themselves, every single country America worries about does this sort of thing and every single radical terrorist group comes from people who have had their history, the facts, twisted. This is the sort of thing that happens in N.Korea. It should not be happening here. I'm not posting for my fellow liberal minded people to see, I'm posting this for everyone, but most importantly if you are conservative or tied to the Tea Party I am posting to you because you are the one that has to stop this and has to stand up and demand that your children will not be taught lies, will not be lied to, and that as an American you are unafraid to face the reality of our past and you are strong enough that you do not need to be coddled like this. Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Accountable and most of all Be an American. Not a whitewashed version of a third world country.

Tea Party Groups In Tennessee Demand Textbooks Overlook U.S. Founder's Slave-Owning History

The group demanded, as they had in January of last year, that Tennessee lawmakers change state laws governing school curricula. The group called for textbook selection criteria to include: "No portrayal of minority experience in the history which actually occurred shall obscure the experience or contributions of the Founding Fathers, or the majority of citizens, including those who reached positions of leadership."

Don't let these people do this to us. Don't be this person. This isn't right, it's cowardly, it's despicable and it's not far from mourning our beloved leader who has died or else. It's not far from going to jail for being an atheist.

These people are terrorists in their own country. They are dangerous. Stop them before they make anymore headway. We are strong enough to know that which actually occurred and be stronger for it, smart enough to not need them to think for us.
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I am out of cope. I cannot deal with life right this second and am highly flammable at this point, also likely to have a bout over tears of something minor.

I am not dealing with issues today, I am not dealing with certain people today.

There are no spoons and if there were I would be selling them for scrap metal. Today's only coping mechanism still working is avoidance. So yes, I am.

Tomorrow will be better, eventually, one of these tomorrows.


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