Jan. 21st, 2012

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But small, loyal users are not part of the program.

The Return of Live Journal

However, longtime LiveJournal users are upset by the changes. LiveJournal recently unveiled a complete redesign that overhauled the service's comments system, emphasized social networking, and set the stage for the upcoming communities blitz. Reaction from longtime users has been overwhelmingly negative--LiveJournal patrons slammed the redesign on the service's official blog.

LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership. The challenge for Petrochenko and other executives at LiveJournal will be redefining the brand's identity in a crowded media marketplace.

EDIT: And LJ is bragging about it on LJ Staff and made it part of the front page, just rubbing it in people's faces. As the first comment notes, Yes, let's link to an article that blatantly states that you could give a shit about the "small but loyal" fanbase that's kept you in business for over a decade. Brilliant.
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From GeekChic/Tokyo Pop: Crime Doesn't Cos-pay - As it turns out, you don't need Shinigami powers to repel unwanted invaders from your home. All you need is a replica of Ichigo's sword from Bleach to send felons running as one Australian man discovered when a burglar broke into his Sydney apartment. See, folks, cosplay can save lives!

Ahahahahahahaha, so wonderful.

Sydney man chases alleged burglar with sword
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Deleted the other post because Neil Gaiman refound the other review. Hopefully this link will take you to both? We shall see. I like how he's very casual about this and mostly seems interested much like he was looking at something under a microscope on his twitter account. Again, I would think that these two would have posted about the sacrilege of writing about other gods as they are obviously of that group of religious people. But no..

American Gods One Star Reviews


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