Jan. 16th, 2012

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I was looking around on Word Press, getting a feel for it, and this is one of the first things that popped up. It just made me smile, I like when I smile, and I like to share those smiles.

The name of the blog is Raising my Rainbow. So you know, I smile like the sun breaking from the clouds even before I settle in to read.

My Son, The Dancer

We headed to Payless Shoes to buy some tap shoes. C.J. could not control himself. When he saw those shiny, patent leather shoes that made loud noise, with huge black bows on top he was nearly embarrassed by his own excitement. He held them and rubbed them for a long while before he even thought of putting them on his feet.

(later getting ready for his first day of tap/ballet combo class) The final ensemble was: the tights from his Frankie Stein Halloween costume that are green with fake scars and stitches on them, blue Nike athletic shorts, a purple tutu from his dress up drawer, his purple Handsome In Pink t-shirt and black socks with skeletons on them. He looked in the mirror and thought he looked perfect, like the dancer that lived in his soul.

Big stupid grin. I'm telling you. Dance on little tiny dancer.


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