Jan. 10th, 2012

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I hate how certain political candidates, pundits, and focus on the family type groups just get away with making up whatever rubbish they want about people in non traditional families or relationships and repeat it as fact over and over again. Doesn't matter how many times someone points out that their points and facts are rubbish, they just keep doing it and their shrills keep piping it back out.

Somewhere out there are people who believe this tripe and then they repeat it over and over again.

It's like trying to dig out of a sand trap. The more you dig the more sand rushes in to fill the void.

My personal take on this is that people overly obsessed with homosexuality or transgenderism who claim to be straight is that they give me the creeps because sites like Focus on the Family have almost a fetish like feel to them. That's why I'm never surprised when one of these individuals is later caught having sex with someone they've been out there trying to keep from getting married or not be discriminated against.

To me I think they have very twisted, very specific sexual fetishes and fantasies and treating anyone of the LGBT as a normal human being ruins that for them. That's what I think. I'll stop thinking it as soon as they quit being creepy human beings and can behave rationally.

I also think that when it comes to lesbians and bisexual woman it's a two fold problem of both being a fetish and anger at a woman being out of her "place" and denying a man what he wants.

Santorum tells kids with gay parents they would be better off with parents in prison <------ This man gives me the creeps. I would not leave a young gay man alone with him for any length of time. EVER.


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